Artist Connect App Leaves A Great Impression In Atlanta During Festival Weekend

What is Mentally Free, Creatively Free?

It’s an initiative that we at Artist Connect started in order to help creatives with the stress and traumas they endure. We know it isn’t easy for people, especially during these times.

How is Artist Connect making Mental Health cool?

By showing that notably successful creatives are ok talking about their struggles, and showing how they dealt with them. To start we recently did our first zoom call about mental health with dj edubble of jam 94.5 in Boston.

Why did you select DJ E Dubble?

He’s not only talented and successful, but down to earth as well. He was willing to open the door for creatives to hear about some of his own issues and how he dealt with them. That level of honesty is something we wanted to show, and dj e dubble was a perfect choice to discuss the topic of mental health for creatives.

What have most creatives struggled with mentally during this pandemic?

Just trying to truly relax. We discussed in our zoom call the stigma of “not hustling enough” and how it causes many people to never find a break to destress or confront internal issues.

Although the pandemic was an opportunity for people to stop and work on their issues, there are many who still feel like they’re going to lose a money race, it shouldn’t be like that.

How do you think can rebound from that?

Creatives should first know it’s not only ok to pause the hustle and work on themselves, its necessary and actually leads to greater success in the long run.

By hearing other successful creatives confirm that with their own stories and ways they’ve addressed their mental health it will help unlock the confidence needed to stay mentally and creatively free.

Will there be another Mentally Free, Creatively Free event?

Yes! We plan to have other notable creatives come on and talk about how they’ve handled their issues and stayed strong. We’re a company dedicated to empowering creatives, not only business-wise with our app, but also personally, by catering to their mental health.

What the response from the event?

People loved it. We had a few viewers chime in with their stories and what they’ve done to help stay mentally and creatively free. We’re looking forward to more inspirational stories in our future events.

What other events have you had for artist connect?

We had a few sponsored events at the A3C festival in Atlanta.


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