Meet Rising Chicago Artist: ANT

What is your name and what city do you rep?

My name is Antonie, I go by ANT and I rep the Northside of Chicago

Tell us about your latest releases, what inspired you to create them?

Well my latest release has to be one of my newer projects, I dropped back in March 2022 called “Antarchy 2″(Mixtape) as well as a video for the lead single “Questions” off of the same project. As far as what inspired me to create the project I would just have to say this little Pandemic situation we’ve been dealing with for these last few years honestly. It just put me in this different state of mind which gave me the ability to tap into different energies as well channel/express whatever frustrations or uncertainty that I was dealing with in that moment. We were in a chaotic state as a society and I believe ultimately that’s what inspired me to make the project.

What is unique about you and your music?

Its original and very authentic to who I am as a person, it can sometimes even be primal depending on the situation. Its almost as if I have created my own sound in a sense.

What shaped your music?

As for what has shaped my music I would have to say just life in general ya kno from every day life struggles to friends to family to celebrity role models and even social media to a certain extent. Its like as one continues to grow so does, ones interests and or craft.

When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?

No joke this may seem funny as hell too but like legit immediately after I saw the young money Bed Rock video back in the day when Wayne had like that dream team list of Artist goin hard all in one video shit was just mind blowing and so inspiring at the same time I just remember looking at my cousin and us both going yea We Want That!( the big house, pretty women, niggas doin flying shit and most of all just living life to the fullest having fun ya kno.)

What type of music do you listen to?

All kinds of music to be honest if it catches my ear imma listen to it pretty much.

What inspires you to write music?

Life experiences.

What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?

I like to work out, spend time with friends and family, dance, write poetry, read, watch movies, binge watch tv shows stuff like that.

Happiness to you is…

Whatever makes you happy and not what others tell you is supposed to make you happy or what is qoute on qoute happiness in the eyes of society. Like if you are happy going to work , raising your kids and being normal ain’t nothing wrong with that as long as you happy and just because a large part of society says u should be getting to the bag 24/7 doesn’t mean you should live by those rules. True happiness to me in my eyes is not allowing others to dictate your pace or affect your peace of mind in anything you do whether it be relationships, friendships, or partnerships.

What do you wish you were told when you first started making music that you think would help artists just starting out?

Don’t chase trends. Focus on fully developing your sound and craft. It’s ok to experiment and incorporate similar sounds/ideas every now and again but dont lose yourself trying to be some one else or like someone else. So it’s like first just find yourself ya kno like who you truly are as an artist then just be you. Who ever that person is.

Tell us about your upcoming projects…

Well I’ve definitely got a ton of new projects on the way or in the works. Two of my newest projects just got finalized like last month so I’m anxious for those releases. One being just another installation of my “Loverz Lane” mixtape series and the other being in the form of an Ep just to show case some others abilities I have that may be getting overlooked momentarily.

Where do we find you music / music projects?

All Digital streaming platforms and or services. Such as spotify, iTunes, apple music, YouTube, SoundCloud, Amazon music, pandora etc etc…

Any last words for the readers?

Just want to say thanks for the opportunity, if you’re reading this now I just want you to kno you are appreciated. Love and prosperity to all. And thanks again 💯.


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