Jean M Nelson Releases 6th Album Entitled “Enchanted Love”

Jean M Nelson is among the few visionaries inspiring changes in the music and the film industries. With decades of experience in filmography and music, Nelson has numerous awards celebrating his novel contributions and unwavering commitment to the arts. Nelson’s talents and interests range from filmmaking and cinematography to producing music and creating artwork. Talking about his persistent dedication to his work, Nelson promises that “the world can expect nothing less than amazing things from me. I am inspired to create and produce both music and film projects that anyone can enjoy.”

With the recent release of his new album entitled “Enchanted Love,” Nelson continues to prove himself a worthy contender in the music and film industry.

Personal Life

Nelson was born in 1976 in Haiti. His love for music was kindled during his early teen years, after which he thoroughly explored the world of music through various artists and genres. However, Nelson credits a few legendary artists as his inspiration for pursuing music as a career, including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Brian McKnight, Michael Bolton, and Kenny G. Nelson views music as the “key” to balancing his life.

At a young age, Nelson had to cope with the loss of his mother. On multiple occasions, Nelson has credited his passion for music as the only thing that helped him survive this immense loss and “ find inner peace,” and his song “Remember You” is dedicated to his late mother. Nelson currently resides in New Jersey with his life-long partner Natasha L Nelson, with whom he has one child: Ethan Nelson. Jean M Nelson also has four older children from a previous relationship: Joevany Nelson, Geraldine Nelson, Alex Nelson, and Max Nelson. After exclusively pursuing music for years, Nelson discovered his love for films and movies after he met Natasha. Speaking about Natasha’s influence on his professional life, Nelson says that “she is a brilliant and inspirational writer, and that really captivated my imagination for Hollywood cinema.” Nelson immortalized his appreciation for his wife’s never-ending support through the song “Beautiful” in the album “Unforgettable.”

Together, the iconic duo has written, directed, produced, and even acted in multiple films. Additionally, they have also worked together on various music projects.


Jean M Nelson is a multi-talented, award-winning artist, musician, filmmaker, director, writer, producer, cinematographer, editor, and photographer. His refusal to limit himself in his artistic pursuits is a true testament to his artistic genius. Nelson began his professional career in the music industry. He spent decades learning and mastering the craft and undertook thorough formal training in the music and film industry. As such, Nelson not only writes his own music, but he also has experience in audio engineering and music production. As of 2022, Nelson has released six albums with a total of 45 tracks. In addition to his professional music career, Nelson also harbors a deep love and appreciation for filmmaking. This passion was initially ignited by his now-wife, Natasha, with whom he has worked on several film projects as well as an album. Together, the two have written, directed, produced, and even acted in award-winning films. But Nelson’s professional pursuits don’t just end there.

Nelson is also a visual artist and has created countless NFT artworks. Additionally, Nelson is the founder and CEO of Vumview, a community social media platform.


Nelson produced his first feature-length film in 2018, entitled “The Passion of Love.” Nelson co-wrote the film with his partner Natasha. The film is a romance drama narrating the story of two lovers who met in a past life and are trying to navigate their love in the 21st century. He committed himself to the film by overseeing all stages of production, including writing, directing, producing, and editing. The creative storytelling and breathtaking cinematography of the film received critical acclaim. Hence, the revolutionary film was the recipient of the 2019 Platinum Award for the “Best Feature Film” by Hollywood Film Competition, as well as the “Best Feature Film” by Hollywood Forever Film Festival. Nelson’s second film project is a short 2021 film called “The Wonders of the Witches.” The film was a mutual undertaking by Nelson and his wife. The plot for this creative fantasy short centers around a dark witch and her friends fighting to release her demon brother from the underworld.

Both Nelson and his wife co-wrote and directed the film and also acted in the film as side characters. Clearly, Nelson’s debut in the film industry was nothing short of memorable. With two beautifully written and produced award-winning films already under his belt, it’s safe to say that Nelson will continue to make headlines in the film industry.


As of 2022, Jean M Nelson has released six albums featuring 45 tracks in total. While Nelson likes to experiment with various genres, his musical style is mainly cinematic. Nelson’s music can be found across popular music streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. His first album, “Hope,” was released in April 2020, featuring two juxtaposing tracks. Three months later, in July, Nelson released his second album, “Conception,” featuring seven tracks. From here, Nelson began to continuously create and produce new music, releasing new albums only months apart. This is a true testament to his profound passion and dedication to music. “Immortal” was Nelson’s third album released in January 2022, comprising ten tracks.

“Rising of the Morn” followed close behind with its official release that same year in October, featuring nine tracks. After making waves with Rising of the Morn, Nelson surprised the world with his first-ever R&B pop album, “ Unforgettable.” This was the first time Jean ventured away from cinematic-type music and towards mainstream R&B pop, proving once again that he isn’t a one-trick pony. Additionally, Nelson undertook this project with his wife, hence why this album holds a special place in his heart. Nelson’s latest album, entitled “Enchanted Love,” was released in June 2022. It features five tracks, and music videos accompanying the tracks are currently in the works. Anyone who has listened to Nelson’s music will agree that the multitalented musician is bringing a unique sound to the music industry.



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